Saturday, 14 July 2012

RMB-93 12 gauge magazine shotgun

RMB-93 12-gauge magazine shotgun
KBP - Russia
 A versatile, potent offensive weapon, pump-action.
The unique layout with a floating barrel positioned under the magazine enables to depart from the slide action, to obtain a considerable gain in weight, dimensions and magazine capacity.
Downward ejection provides comfortable shooting for both right and left handed shooters.
The DAO system ensures safety when handling the shotgun with a chambered round.
A covered magazine well and the lack of the ejection port eliminates the problem of dirt and dust inside the gun.
Changeable choke tubes enable to use the shotgun in various roles.


Gauge: 12/70, 12/76
Magazine capacity (12/70): 7 rds
Magazine capacity (12/76): 6 rounds
Weight unloaded: 2.6 kg
Dimensions, stock folded: 657x46x162 mm
Length, stock extended: 914 mm

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