Monday, 16 July 2012

Norinco CS/LR4 7.62 mm sniper rifle

CS/LR4 high precision sniper rifle

The CS/LR4 7.62 mm high-precision sniper rifle is newly designed by NORINCO to achieve the highest standard of military and police accuracy.

With 7.62x51mm NATO ball sniper cartridge, CS/LR4 sniper rifle can guarantee the accuracy of 1 MOA within 300 m range, as well as an effective range of 600 m against single personnel target.
The CS/LR4 sniper rifle adopts bolt-action feeding mode with optimized micro-damage feed structure to realize optimal matching of the cartridge and rifle. Its heavy floating barrel reduces heat-effects and multipoint resonance that may affect shoot accuracy. The double-pull trigger design helps release shooter's tension. The cheek-piece is vertically adjustable. A mono-pod is built into the rear of the butt-stock, and there is a bipod mounted in fore-stock.
The CS/LR4 is fitted with an optical sight.
Various other optical and night vision sights can be used. And for the sniper task them, a hand-held range finding and environment measuring system is available for the observer.


Cartridge: 7.62x51mm NATO ball sniper cartridge
Precision (100 m whole dispersion diameter): 2.9 mm (1 MOA)
Precision (300 m whole dispersion diameter): 8.7 mm (1 MOA)
Precision (600 m whole dispersion diameter): 24 mm
Operation: bolt-action
Feed: 5-round box magazine
Sight: optical sight, night vision sight
Weight: 6.4 kg
Length: 1100 mm


  1. Precision numbers must be cm instead of mm?

  2. I wish we could buy them here in the states, it's not a semi, so it should be allowed to be imported.

    1. keep in mind the rifle itself costs about $7k, in dollar.....I would personally buy an AI instead of this.


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