Saturday, 14 July 2012

OTs-03 7.62 mm sniper rifle

OTs-03 7.62 mm sniper rifle
KBP - Russia
OTs-03 7.62 mm sniper rifle is intended for hitting peronnel including those protected by body armour, unarmoured vehicles.
OTs-03 rifle features bull-pup layout on the basis of Dragunov sniper rifle that enabled reducing the overall length and retaining the barrel length and ballistic characteristics similar to those of SVD rifle.
The rifle is gas-operated, it improves practical rate of fire for self-loading version of the rifle.
OTs-03 is equipped with a folding telescopic bipod. The multi-purpose muzzle adapter suppresses the sound, hides the flash and reduces the recoil. The buttstock pivoted to the receiver absorbs a part of recoil energy by moving forward and improves accuracy. The rifle can be completed with different sights attached via upper or side brackets.


Cartridge: 7.62x54mm or 7.62x51mm
Effective range: 800 m
Fire mode: single
Reloading type: semi-automatic or manual
Magazine capacity: 10 rds
Barrel length: 620 mm
Rifle length: 980 mm

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