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Bradley AMTV Armored Medical Treatment Vehicle

Bradley Armored Medical Treatment Vehicle (AMTV)
BAE Systems

The Bradley AMEV delivers life-saving combat medical support and protection for causalities, evacuees and combat medics, while providing mobility and survivability equal to the supported Abrams and Bradley-equipped maneuver force.
The Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle operates in the forward area with armored and mechanized battalions, armored cavalry squadrons and supporting divisional units. The AMEV delivers life-saving combat medical support, and protection for casualties, evacuees and combat medics, while providing mobility and survivability equal to the supported Abrams and Bradley equipped maneuver force.  The AMEV’s ability to rapidly collect, evaluate, perform life-saving enroute treatment, and return combat soldiers to duty, is critical to sustaining the force. The AMEV is completely self-contained with interior workspace and medical equipment, including onboard oxygen generation equipment and NBC protection for crew and patients. The environmental control unit enables the crew to operate in all environments by providing 60,000 BTUs of air conditioning.
The AMEV supports all standard medical components and kits available in the military supply system. In addition, the AMEV incorporates the latest medical equipment in the military’s inventory, such as oxygen concentrators. The AMEV also has a litter lifting mechanism that assists the crew with loading patients in the top litter racks.  The AMEV is one variant in the Bradley Family of Vehicles (BFoV) which maximizes parts commonality and leverages the Bradley Reset/Remanufacturing facilities to reduce cost and minimize lead times. Other variants in the BFoV include the Bradley Armored Treatment Vehicle (AMTV), Command Post Vehicle, Mortar Vehicle and the General Purpose Vehicle.

The BFoV includes the following variants:

Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle (AMEV), Armored Medical Treatment Vehicle (AMTV), Bradley Command Post (BCP), Bradley Mortar Vehicle (BMV), and the Bradley General Purpose Vehicle (BGPV).

Survivability and Force Protection

BFoV platforms possess exceptional survivability against kinetic energy and artillery munitions.
With the common Bradley reactive armor installed, the BFoV will provide the same level of hand-held High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) and Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) protection as the BFV. BFoV platform design incorporates all of the Bradley Urban Survivability Kits (BUSK) that have been developed in response to the changing threat environment.


The BFoV variants are as mobile and agile as the platforms currently residing in the HBCT  formation. This increased mobility over the M113 FoV provides the maneuver commander the  freedom to execute operations without being hindered by the inability of his critical battlefield functions to keep up with the rest of the force.

Sustainability, Commonality, and Future Growth

BFoV replacements for the M113 FoV establishes 74% commonality across the HBCT formation thus reducing the HBCT logistics tail, simplifies crew and maintenance training and enables more efficient sustainment and capability upgrades.

Ability to Integrate Enhanced Mission Equipment Packages (MEPs)

The increase in available space provides the ability to integrate more capable MEPs for each mission role.
Combat weight: 74,500 lbs / 33,792 kg
Personnel capacity: 4 man crew with 1 litter casualty
Overall length: 274 inches / 6.9 m
Width: 131 inches / 3.3 m
Height w/commander’s hatch: 112 inches / 2.8 m
Engine: 600 hp
Fuel tank (external): 188 gallons / 712 liters
Speed: 38 mph / 61 km/h
Cruising range: 250 miles / 402 km
Turning radius: pivot to infinite
Slope: 60%
Side slope: 40%
Trench crossing: 84 inches / 2.1 m
Vertical wall crossing: 30 inches / 8 m
Ground clearance: Front 17 inches / 4 m; Rear 15 inches  / 3 m
Variant dependent subsystems
  •  Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) 5 kW
  •  Environmental Cooling System (ECS) 60 kBTU
Interior volume: 551 ft3 / 168 m3
Interior height (floor to ceiling): 75 inches / 1.9 m
Onboard medical equipment: Vital signs monitor, Oxygen concentrators, Suction device, Defibrillator, Ultrasound device, Blood refrigerator, Shelter

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