Sunday, 29 July 2012

Leopard Tank Purchase Process Completed

The Ministry of Defense claimed that the process of buying Main Batle Tank (MBT) Leopard from Germany of 100 units were completed, but in October 2012 tank unit 15 has arrived in Indonesia.

"In October 2012, coinciding HUT TNI, you already will see 15 units of the Leopard Tank," said the Head of Public Communication Center Kemhan, Brigjen TNI Hartind Asrin terganggunya respond to concerns as DPR will purchase Leopard tank due to the rejection of parts of the German parliament in Jakarta, on Friday.

According to him, the arrival of the tanks have weight of 60 tons will be coming with a total of 100 units to 2014 to come. Rejection of some members of parliament, particularly from opposition parties, not interfere with the process of buying the tank.

"The rejection of it is there, but only in small discussion. But it does not make the purchase of tanks to be canceled," said Hartind.

A total of 15 tanks that will be in the first stage of the article will be located in Java. However, no possibility for the next tank will then be sent to the frontier districts.

"We are preparing a ship to transport it if it will be placed in there , "He said.

Some time ago, the site "Spiegel Online" consistently preached that senior parliamentarian from the Green Party said Katja Keul, German Leopard tank can not sell at Indonesia remember there are still many human rights violations that occurred.

Representatives Commission I of DPR RI General Tubagus Hasanuddin also said the rejection of the German parliament should disikapi carefully by the government Indonesia and Germany.

"Today the House of Representatives in a position to wait for the government attitude," he said.

Asian Defence News

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