Saturday, 14 July 2012

AGS-30 30 mm automatic grenade launcher

AGS-30 30 mm automatic grenade launcher
KBP - Russia
AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher system of the second generation is a weapon that combines unique maneuverability, high firepower and long firing range.
The system can be used with a mount or turret as well as included into a remote controlled facility on different combat vehicles.
Small weight of the system provides exceptional mobility enabling its usage by infantry sub-units in rugged terrains and in urban areas.
It is first weapon of this type which can be transported with a mount in travelling position as well as in combat position by one operator.
GPD-30 round with HEF grenade provides high hitting probability, with a maximal range of fire: 2100 m. The opportunity of firing different 30 mm grenade launcher rounds is retained.
The main sight for mount and turret modifications is a panoramic optical sight, iron sight is also supplied. On a customer's request, AGS-30 can be fitted with day/night vision, radar sight can be used for controlling the situation and executing aimed fire under conditions of zero optical visibility.


Round: 30 mm VOG-17M, VOG-30, GPD-30 and their modifications
Sighting range using rounds
  • VOG-17M, VOG-30: up to 1700 m
  • GPD-30: up to 2100 m
Sight: optical, iron radar (hand radar)
Apparent magnification of optical sight: x2.7 or x3.5
Fire mode: automatic
Rate of fire: 400 rpm
Ammunition box capacity: 30 rds
Weight (AGS-30 w/o sight): 16.5 kg
Dimensions: 1165x735x490 mm

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