Sunday, 9 September 2012


The Python-5 is currently the most able AAM in Israel's inventory and one of the most advanced AAMs in the world. It has BVR (beyond visual range), LOAL (lock-on after launch), and all-aspect, all-direction (including backward) attack ability. The missile features an advanced electro-optical imaging infrared seeker (IIR or ImIR) which scans the target area for hostile aircraft, then locks-on for terminal chase. With a total of eighteen control surfaces and careful design, the resulting missile is supposed to be as maneuverable as air-to-air missiles with thrust vectoring nozzles. The Python-5 was first used in combat during the 2006 war
in Lebanon, when it was used by F-16 Fighting Falcon warplanes to destroy two Hezbollah UAVs.
Length: 310 cm
Span: 64 cm
Diameter: 16 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Guidance: IR + electro-optical imaging
Warhead: 11 kg
Range: >20 km
Speed: Mach 4

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