Tuesday, 31 July 2012

German media said that Qatar intends to purchase 200 Leopard -2 tanks

Saudi Arabia expressed interest in the purchase of military weapons do not A month later, Qatar, which seeks to purchase of 200 Leopard 2 (Leopard 2) tanks from Germany, the total price of $ 2.46 billion.
“Der Spiegel” reported that representatives of the German defense company Krauss – Maffei Wegman has been to the related issues of the arrangement agreement in the Qatari capital, and the sales to the German Prime Minister Merck Seoul’s support. However, some German lawmakers that the military procurement in violation of the guidelines to the authoritarian government of selling arms.

According to reports, Saudi Arabia last month expression 600-800 leopard procurement Tanke De interest, the military procurement is expected to total price will reach $ 12.31 billion.
Asian Defence News

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