Monday, 30 July 2012

Jordan Valley Brigade Reservists Simulate Urban Warfare

Hundreds of reservists participated in last week's advanced training, which included both briefings and drills
 Reservists of the Jordan Valley Brigade participated in advanced training in urban warfare last week. Hundreds of reserve soldiers and officers took part in the two-day event, which included both briefings and exercises.

Lt. Col. (res.) Shai Aviv, one of the reserve battalion commanders involved in the exercise, explained that during the day the soldiers participated in varied classes and briefings on urban warfare, and at night they carried out a training exercise in which each battalion represented a company, concluding with a paintball simulation of warfare.

"In the actual situation, the decisive power is the Reserve Formation. Without it, we could not fight, and it must maintain the highest level of fitness," he added.

"The exercise that we have carried out in the last two days has been carried out in an excellent manner," concluded Lt. Col. (res.) Aviv. "Since the training was well organized, the heat didn't even bother us, and the event contributed both to the soldiers' professionalism and to their cohesion – which are two of the most important components for the reserves."
 Asian Defence News

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