Sunday, 29 July 2012

MK49 MOD 0 gun weapon system

MK49 MOD 0 gun weapon system
Remote operated small arms mount
General Dynamics

GR Dynamics, LLC, a joint venture between General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products and RAFAEL Armament Development Authority, has developed the MK49 MOD0, a remote operated small arms mount for naval applications.

The MK49 can accommodate a variety of weapons, including the M2HB 12.7mm machine gun, the MK49 7.62mm Minigun and the MK19 grenade machine gun. The mount employs an infrared sighting system with the ability to automatically track detected threats and provide day, night and low visibility detection capabilities. The system enables the operator to remain concealed within the ship, providing enhanced safety.
The MK49 has been selected by United States Special Operations Command for use on naval special
warfare combatant craft and by the U.S. Navy for its Shipboard Protection System. The mount is ideal for independent installation on larger vessels or integration with a mast-mounted detection and
engagement system.


Weight (excludes weapon and ammunition): 344 pounds (157 kg)
Dimensions (excludes weapon only): Inches 30Wx23Hx65.4D; Millimeters 762Wx583Hx1662D
Stabilization: Two axis correction
Detection range: 4,400 yards (4,023m) cooled; 2,500 yards (2,286m) uncooled
User interface: Remote-operated control station with tracking, firing command/control, and manual override and control capabilities
Field of fire: Up to +60°/-20° elevation, 360° azimuth
Slew rates: 50° per second azimuth, 50° per second elevation
OEM Options Outside of Standard Configuration
  • Sighting systems: Cooled or uncooled Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR), day site Charged Coupled Device (CCD), off mount Electro Optical Device (EOD)
  • Aiming systems: Ring and post, laser designator with laser range finder, optical
Power systems: AC to DC power supply
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