Thursday, 14 February 2013

Russian Navy approves the proposed future destroyer

Command of the Russian Navy has approved the draft presented by the future destroyer design office Severnoe (Saint-Petersburg). If it is completed, this project will build the largest warship in Russia since the collapse of the USSR.

The Russian Navy has approved the next generation destroyer presented by the consulting firm Severnoe St. Petersburg, an office during the Soviet era was designed especially among the largest warships of the USSR: missile cruisers Project 1164 Atlant (cruiser Moskva , the flagship of the Black Sea fleet, pictured above), large ASW ship Project 1155 nuclear cruisers Kirov Project 1164 (the Peter Grand , flagship of the Northern Fleet) and Project 956 destroyers which included some success Export with 4 units sold in China in 2000. With his experience, Severnoe therefore presented to the Russian Navy destroyer project a displacement of 12,000 tonnes, higher than the Project 21956 destroyer designed primarily for export (8,000 t full load photo below). The last ship of comparable tonnage built in Russia was the nuclear missile cruiser Yuri Andopov , future Peter the Great , put on hold in 1986 to plant the Baltic (ASA in 1998 in the Northern Fleet).

Although the construction site has not yet been officially decided, it seems that this is the shipyard North (St. Petersburg), which is Presenti.It is expected that over the next 2 to 3 years, the office develops technical documentation of the ship, working on his appearance and armament. Regarding this last point, the armament of the future will therefore destroyer (as often since the cruisers of Project 1164 and 1144) and the height of the missions it will fall. It will be indeed a destroyer versatile able to implement missions ASW, anti-air to ensure a missile defense theater, even extended to a more substantial space and able to support land operations conducted by a task force . As a result, the next generation destroyer will carry torpedoes and will have a hydroacoustic station for ASW. It will also be equipped with anti-surface missile and will carry cruise missiles (probably like Club). It finally have anti-missile systems S-500 with Prometheus.

The new generation destroyer should also complete missions Russian Mistrals escort and beyond the protection of the future Russian battle group formed around the next nuclear aircraft carrier , the project has not been submitted yet. According to a cons-retired Russian admiral interviewed by the newspaper Izvestia , the Navy would need at least three units. However, it is estimated that a total of nine units deployed fleets between the North and the Pacific would be ideal, with five other units in the Baltic Sea. According to him, the first units should primarily be sent in Pacificique.

In June last year, the director of OSK (holding Russian shipbuilding) stated at the Economic Forum in St. Petersburg that Russia would hold the first copy on the future destroyer in 2016, a total of 6 units to be built. The timing seems for the moment compliance with these statements.

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