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Beijing rare announced the news: India slap in the face fighter Henchou

China announced a high-profile F-11 fighter successful deployment of the plateau region Henda a country slap in the face
official high-profile announced that the Chinese F-11 fighter jets to the successful deployment of the plateau region, the Chinese Air Force improve the crack F-11 high altitude flight support capabilities, China is fully completed deployment India deterrence. To break the U.S. media said the People’s Liberation Army F-11 fighters long-term deployments in Tibet surviving difficult to say.
U.S. media said the People’s Liberation Army F-11 fighters long-term deployment of a Tibet surviving difficult
made F -11 fighter in the mountains of the Tibetan plateau flight training
in the Tibetan Plateau regional training, J-11 fighter fleet
as the most advanced fighter in the Chinese Air Force, J-11 since the date of birth, to attract the attention of the outside world. Questioned the combat effectiveness of the Chinese J-11 to argument modeled Su-27, had the Russian media. According to the United States, “Strategy Page” Web site reported on August 6, the Chinese Air Force’s most advanced domestic F -11 fighter flight exercises over the Tibet Autonomous Region in China for the first time. While foreign media speculation that the J-11 fighter is still not long-term presence in Tibet, but the leap plateau attitude demonstrated increasingly improved operational capability.
performance beyond the equipment of the Su -27

Chinese Air Force J-11 fighters and Su-27 roots. In 1995, 200 Su-27 fighter jets from Russia for $ 2.5 billion construction permissions. At that time, from Russia to the Chinese aviation engines and airborne electronic equipment, China is responsible for the production of other components in accordance with the drawings and specifications. After the construction of 95 Su-27, China, Russia canceled the cooperation agreement. The Russian side said that the reference to the Su-27, create a generic version, the J-11 fighter.
United States, “Aviation Week” has published an article pointed out that the performance of the J-11 fighter has gone beyond the Chinese Air Force to buy Russian-made Su-27 fighters. The article says that the early F-11A fighter is still in use Russian-made engines, and later the F-11B fighters have begun to dress the Chinese made WS-10A engine. U.S. global strategic network had further pointed out that part of the F-11B aircraft have been equipped with the WS-10A engine, and the Chinese Air Force in the engine performance is quite satisfactory, which have been put into mass production. The performance of the WS-10A may not have the Russian AL-31F aviation engines are as reliable, but it is enough to meet the fighters. More important is that the WS-10A itself is a major achievement made by China’s aviation industry, at present only six countries have the capability to manufacture high-end aircraft engines, while China is one of them.
deploy plateau to be done to prepare long-term
industry insiders believe that the equipment of the Chinese Air Force J-11 fighters appeared in the high altitude airspace, it may be In order to test, including engines, type the performance of domestic equipment, at the same time exercise, “the plateau tactics to further enhance the combat effectiveness of the new equipment. Should also be J-11 has matured, but want to be deployed at high altitudes is not easy. “Strategy Page” reported that the F-7 fighters are often regularly fly over in Tibet, but the Chinese Air Force is not long-term deployments to the region. At present, Tibet is only one railway and one of the few passable roads of the heavy-duty trucks, it is difficult to protect carry enough fuel for the fighter, the supply of troops and equipment maintenance, there are certain difficulties.
However, Another analyst pointed out that Tibet has built the airport facilities, the deployment of advanced fighters like J-11 does not exist “hardware defect. J-11 success over Tibet over the direct proof of its advanced features. J-11 fighter aircraft can be deployed in a little after low altitude airport, once there is a need plateau airport as a “foothold” and “depot”, a short time to land supply fuel or ammunition. As for altitude sickness, and need not have worried, because the fighter cockpit of this with the oxygen capacity.
as “Strategy Page” as the Chinese Air Force, perhaps one day will have in Tibet over the combat, and should therefore, where relevant training. “
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