Saturday, 28 July 2012

Argentina condemns military exercise "with missile launch" in the Falklands

The Argentine government condemned "the military exercises that the UK carries out missile launch" from the Falkland Islands, which he described as a "threat" to Latin America, reported official sources.
The Foreign Ministry said in a statement rejected this kind of practice after today to be disseminated through local media a notice of the Argentine Naval Hydrographic Service, issued on July 12 that warned of exercises planned missile launches between 16 and July 27 in the Falklands, whose sovereignty claims the South American country.
Spokesmen for the Argentine Ministry of Defense told Efe that "it is the first time" reporting of such exercises in the Falklands.
"Britain threatens once again to Argentina and Latin America to set missile exercises in the South Atlantic. The move threatens the safety of all ships that are in the area," said the Foreign Ministry in note.
These "illegal maneuvers" UK "are" contrary to UN resolutions, urging both countries to the negotiating table for the sovereignty of the islands under British rule since the British occupation in 1833, said the government of Cristina Fernandez.
The maneuvers "are also contrary to the will of the countries of the region, who have rejected such military exercises across multiple pronouncements of Mercosur, UNASUR and the Rio Group," he added.
The tension between Argentina and the United Kingdom for the claim of sovereignty over the Malvinas increased this year when it marks the thirtieth anniversary of the war in 1982 faced both countries for control of the islands.
"At 30 years of the war the United Kingdom is still committed to arms," ​​said the Foreign Ministry of Argentina, who described the exercises as "a new demonstration and exercise of force by the British Government."
"It is condemnable that the UK also desoiga the call of the region and persist with their provocative behavior, which are contrary to finding a peaceful solution to the dispute as required by the numerous United Nations resolutions and its obligations as a member of that organization, "the statement said.
War between Argentina and Britain over the sovereignty of the Falklands ended with Argentina's surrender on June 14, 1982 and left nearly 900 dead, mostly Argentines. EFE

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