Monday, 23 July 2012

6G-30 40 mm 6-shot hand-held grenade launcher

6G-30 40 mm 6-shot hand-held grenade launcher
KBP - Russia
 The 6G-30 6-shot grenade launcher is intended for destroying manpower in open country, uncovered trenches/foxholes, or on reverse slopes, as well as for massed fire on single and group targets, using caseless fragmentation rounds.
The grenade launcher has a revolver-type design, a barrel assembly being mounted on the central axis and rotated by a preliminary wound spring. Use of caseless ammunition makes muzzle loading possible and therefore provides higher rate of fire, as compared to its foreign counterpart, South African MGL-6.
Having the same weight, the 6G-30 is more durable, and ensures higher efficiency due to the enhanced fragmentation effect of the round.


Round: various modifications of VOG-25
Maximum firing range: 400 m
Rate of fire: 18 rpm
Weight w/o sling: 6.2 kg
Overall dimensions in travel position: 520x145x200 mm
Overall dimensions in combat position: 690x145x280 mmAsian Defence News

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