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BM-7 Parus overhead weapon station

BM-7 Parus overhead weapon station
Ukrspecexport - Ukraine

The use of the remotely controlled armament increases the level of protection of the crew, reduces the weight of the weapon, and improves the crew comfort in the combat compartment (due to absence of gun powder gases in the compartment).

  • Automatic gun: ZTM-1 or 2A72
  • Calibre: 30 mm
  • Rate of fire: at least 300 rds/min
  • Maximum range of fire (AP, AP-T shells):  at least 2000 m 
  • Maximum range of fire (HE, HE-T shells):  at least 4000 m
  • Range of firing at air targets: up to 2000 m
  • Unit of fire: at least 300 rds (in 2 belts) 
  • Machine gun: KT-7.62 (PKT)
  • Calibre: 7.62 mm
  • Unit of fire: 500 rds (in a belt)
  • Grenade launcher: AG-17
  • Calibre: 30 mm
  • Maximum range of fire: 1700 m
  • Unit of fire: no less than 29 rds
  • ATMS: Barrier
  • Unit of fire: 2 pcs
  • Range of fire: 500 to 5500 m

Weapon stabilizer
  • Type: electromechanical, bi-plane

Laying angle range
  • Vertical plane: -8° to +45°
  • Horizontal plane: 360° 

Fire control system
  • Type: optical television system with laser range finder, automatic calculation and aiming angle entry and commander's station override control
  • Commander's observation device: optical television with full 360° observation scope and provision of designation aiming mode

Smoke screen system
  • Type: stationary, open
  • Number of launchers: 6 pcs

Overall dimensions
  • Length: 3600 mm
  • Width: 1914 mm
  • Turret height from the seating plane for bearing race: 897 mm
  • Gun sweeping radius: 2550 mm

  • With unit of fire: 1650 kg

Asian Defence News

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