Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The frigate Guépratte Djiboutian navy and conduct a joint operation of maritime surveillance

17 and 18 July, the Djiboutian navy frigate and Guépratte of the Navy - currently participating in the European Atalanta operation - will be participating in the joint monitoring "7 Brothers" in international waters near the island 7 of Brothers and the Strait of Bab El Mandeb.

With a new operational center and a network of semaphore, the Djiboutian navy will patrol for two days alongside the frigate Guépratte, in an area where spending more than 20,000 commercial vessels each year. Djiboutian navy now has the tools to increase efficiency in maritime surveillance of the southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, which are so important to international trade.

The operation "7 Brothers" conducted jointly by the Djiboutian navy frigate and Guépratte is an example of EU efforts to cooperate and train with the naval forces of the region. Such training and exercises are regularly conducted by the force Atalanta.

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