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Shkval Overhead Weapon Station

Shkval Overhead Weapon Station
Ukrspecexport - Ukraine

The Shkval overhead weapon station (OWS) consists of 30 mm automatic gun, 7.62 mm machine gun, 30 mm automatic grenade launcher and anti-tank missile system.
The design of the Shkval overhead weapon station enables an easy way to replace the available weapon.
The 30 mm dual-feed automatic gun has 225 rounds of ready-to-fire ammunition.
The 7.62 mm machine gun has 2500 rounds of ammunition.
The 30 mm automatic grenade launcher is installed on the turret's left side having 29 rounds of ready-to-fire ammunition, including 87 auxiliary rounds (3x29 rds).
Six 81 mm electrically operated/aerosol grenade launchers are mounted in sets of three on each side of the turret in the forward firing position.
The fire control system equipped with the Tandem-2 sighting system which is integrated with the missile fire control system and SVU-500 weapon stabilizer.
The upgraded OWS equipped with the fire control system on the basis of optical-television multi-channel sighting system with integrated thermal imaging sight and laser rangefinder, as well as guided missile fire control system.

  • 30 mm automatic gun: ZTM-1
  • anti-tank missile system (ATMS): Konkurs, Fagot or Barrier
  • 30 mm automatic grenade launcher: AG-17
  • 7.62 mm machine gun: KT-7.62 (PKT)
  • 81 mm smoke grenade launcher: 902V

Aiming drives of the OWS:
  • Type: electromechanical/manual

Aiming angles
  • traversing: 360°
  • elevation: -6° to +75°

Fire control system consists of:
  • weapon stabilizer: SVU-500
  • type: electromechanical, bi-plane
  • Sighting system: Tandem-2
  • type: TV or TV and IR, day and night, with integrated laser rangefinder
  • number of control channels: 1
  • Auxiliary sight: PZU-7M
  • Type: optomechanical
  • Weight including ammunition: within 1900 kg
Asian Defence News

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