Tuesday, 24 July 2012

BM-3 Shturm Overhead Weapon Station

BM-3 Shturm Overhead Weapon Station
Ukrspecexport - Ukraine
The BM-3 Shturm overhead weapon station (OWS) is a remotely controlled weapon station which can be installed on any type of light armoured vehicles.
The OWS is intended to destroy enemy personnel from a stationary position or on the move, to suppress fire emplacements, and to engage other targets.
The OWS is equipped with armament system, including 30 mm automatic gun, 7.62 mm machine gun, 30 mm automatic grenade launcher, anti-tank guided missiles, and installed on the platform stabilized in two axes. The OWS is also equipped with optical-television sight system.
The use of the remotely controlled armament increases the level of protection of the crew, reduces the weight of the weapon, and improves the crew comfort in the combat compartment (due to absence of gun powder gases in the compartment).

Gun:ZTM-1 or 2A72
Caliber, mm30
Ammunition allowance, pes.400
Machine gun:KTorPKT
Caliber, mm7,62
Ammunition allowance, pes.2000
Grenade launcher:AG-17
Caliber, mm30
Ammunition allowance, pes.87
Anti-tank guided missile:"Barrier"
Ammunition allowance, pes.4
Fire control system, complete with:
Weapon stabilizer -TypeBiplanar, electromechanical "Track"
- TypeTV(orTV&IR)
- Number of control channels
Sighting System
day-and-night, with integrated laser
1 or 2
Panoramic observation system"Panorama"
Asian Defence News

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