Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Individual Support System for PLA Soldiers Debuts

According to a briefing, the new individual comprehensive support system developed by the Quartermaster and Equipment Research Institute under the General Logistics Department (GLD) of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is equipped with such devices as electronic medical tag, miniature water purifier and so on, and suitable for the ground combat forces of such services and arms as the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Second Artillery Force. It will multiply the individual soldier's field survival competence.

"Features like being complete in functions, light in weight, easy to put on and convenient to take off make it meets the various demands in actual combats," said delightfully Sun Shoulei, a squad leader of the second company of the first battalion of a regiment. This system consists of two parts, the individual combat comprehensive support system and the individual life comprehensive support system, and serves the functions of defense and protection, self-help and mutual aids, eating and drinking, camping and bivouacking, and many others. Its total weight is only 15 kilograms.

"In the past, portable combat equipment such as firearms, ammunition, jugs, satchels, rain gears, gas masks and bullet pouches was usually hung on the body, which was not only heavy but also troublesome to carry," said a troop unit leader.

Now this new individual comprehensive support system gives prominence to humanized concept in design and enhances the practicality, comfort and safety of the equipment, it provides convenience for officers and men in performing combat tasks and long-range march.

"Most importantly, it has increased the equipment carrying load of individual soldiers, and greatly enhanced the individual survival competence, mobility and combat effectiveness in field combat environment," said Yang Liuqing, deputy chief of staff of the headquarter of the Joint Logistics Department under the Beijing Military Area Command (MAC). This system which utilizes standardized interfaces and modular combination methods is compatible with the specialized carrying devices of existing and active weapons and equipment. Like "building blocks", officers and men can equip themselves with corresponding equipment modules in accordance with different combat requirements, and quickly compose the individual system to carry out corresponding combat tasks.

According to the briefing by the leader of the Scientific and Technological Equipment Bureau of the GLD Headquarter, in order to meet the needs of future combat, a batch of modernized logistic support systems such as the box-set equipment of field life support system, the vehicle-borne cabin of field medical and rescue equipment, and the like will be equipped to the field troop units in succession. Asian Defence News

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