Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Israel to Create Control Headquarters for All Aerial Defense and Anti-missile Systems

Israeli Air Defense Formation plans to concentrate all systems within a year, enabling tracking of operation as well as malfunctions of all systems across the country

 The Israeli Air Defense Formation plans to create a national control headquarters that will concentrate all aerial defense and interception systems.

Head of the interception systems department, Lt. Col. Lior Becher said, "The purpose is to enable tracking of all systems and their operation around the clock, ensuring the radars and launching systems are operating well and without any communication malfunctions."

Lt. Col. Becher explained that there are situations when a system malfunctions, but must continue responding to threats. The new headquarters will allow repairing the system as well as continuing operation. "The Iron Dome anti-missile defense system for example, enables us to detect the exact location threatened by the missile, and that is why the information centers will be able to better determine whether an interception is crucial or whether the malfunction can be treated," he said.

The headquarters will receive a situation report that will include outputs of the systems. Lt. Col. Becher added, "Tracking output as well as the numerous defense systems spread throughout the country is difficult manually. Using a control headquarters we will be able to efficiently accomplish this as well as point out malfunctions and repair them."

 Asian Defence News

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