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IMR-2MA combat engineer obstacle remover vehicle

IMR-2A combat engineer obstacle remover vehicle
UralVagonZavod - Russia

The IMR-2MA is the latest generation of Russian IMR-2 engineer obstacle clearing tracked armoured vehicle. The IMR-2MA combat engineer vehicle is designed for mobility operations, creating convoy tracks and accomplishing other engineer tasks. Today, the IMR-2MA is the most efficient and promising combat engineer vehicle. It can perform all types of work under fire, on the battlefield contaminated by nuclear fallout, and in the atmosphere contaminated by aggressive gases, vapours or chemical agents and filled with smoke and dust. Vehicle’s reliability has been proven both in combat and in disaster relief operations. IMR-2MA is equally efficient as a combat engineer vehicle and as an emergency rescue vehicle. IMR-2MA is capable of creating tracks in moderately rugged terrain, low forest, and unbroken snow-covered expanses and on slopes, rooting stumps out, felling trees, breaching abatis, rubble, minefields and non-explosive obstacles. The vehicle can cope with rubble and damaged buildings and structures, dig trenches and foundation pits, dig out sanded in materiel and shelters, fill pits, ditches and ravines, prepare ditches, escarpments, dams, and crosses over tank ditches and escarpments. IMR-2MA can set up sections of bridges and make ingress and egress at fording sites.
Auxiliary equipment
  • vision devices;
  • communication facilities;
  • NBC protection system;
  • filter-ventilator unit;
  • chemical agent detectors;
  • fire fighting equipment;
  • smoke-generating equipment;
  • SPTA set
A 12.7 mm NSVT machine is mounted on the crew operator/commander cabin, for the self-protection of the vehicle.
General Information
Fuel distance on highway without barrels 500
Engine Four-stroke multifuel diesel V-84MS, 840 hp
Ground clearance, mm 426
Shallow fording depth (without preparation), m 1.2
Armament 12.7 mm antiaircraft machine gun mount, enclosed, independent
Max overhall dimensions in travel position, mm:
length, mm 9320
width, mm 3500
height, mm 3430
Telescopic full-circle boom with manipulator
Max lifting capacity, t 2
Min dump height, m 3.5
Bucket grab capacity, m³ 0.35
Multipurpose blade
height, mm 1000
Dozer position, mm 3400
Grader position, mm 3231
Max penetration, mm 450
Making passages
In stone obstructions, m/h 280..350
In abatises, m/h 350..400
In mine fields, km/h 5..12
Filling in ditches, trenches, m³/h 350..360
Making slopes on steep river and gully banks up to 6 m high, m³/h 350..400
Removing snow from roads and laying roads in snow fields with 1.2-m snow depth, km/h 15
Cutting, m³/h 200..250
Soil loading, m³/h 15..20
Control of special equipment remote, electrohydraulic
Asian Defence News

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