Sunday, 22 July 2012

Giboa Snake double-barreled AR-15 assault rifle

Giboa Snake double-barrelled AR-15 assault rifle
Silver Shadow - Israel

 The Gilboa™ Snake was designed to deliver twice the firepower in any caliber.

The features of the Gilboa™ Snake enable operators to accurately deliver two rounds into a target without the delay of cycling and the felt recoil which make “double taps” difficult to group. 

The Gilboa™ Snake will allow faster traversing between multiple targets by delivering two rounds with each trigger pull.
  • The upper and lower receivers of the Gilboa™ AR are fully machined from solid aircraft aluminum alloy billet (7075-T6) and then hard anodized to ensure a stronger, more durable firearm with no dimensional inconsistencies.
  • The Gilboa™ series is being produced by operators, for operators, so it comes fitted with ambidextrous selector, magazine release and charging handle as standard.
  • The flat top platform with standard size Picatinny rails enables mounting of various optics, lasers and other tactical accessories. The Gilboa™ firearms are compatible with US and NATO standard mounts and equipment.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified for the development, design and manufacture of firearms. The Gilboa™ series firearms were tested using methods exceeding standard military testing methods. All of the parts are military standard compliant and undergo strict QA inspections.
  • The Gilboa™ family offers various models and configurations to best serve our clients. Our current range includes standard gas impingent systems; piston driven systems; sub-size weapons; semi-auto weapons and more.
  • The proprietary gas-piston system of the Gilboa™ series was developed especially to enable cleaner and cooler running of the firearm under extreme conditions.
  • The firearms in the Gilboa™ series are available in various calibers: 5.56x45mm; .223"; 7.62x39mm; 7.62x51mm; .308" and 9mm Para.

Method of operation:Proprietary piston system
Weight without magazine:4.270 Kg
Overall length (stock extended):800 mm
Overall length (stock folded):495 mm
Barrel length:2x241mm (9.5”)
Weapon width:592 mm
Bore characteristics:Chrome lined 1:7 RH
Firing mode:Full auto or semi-auto available

Asian Defence News


  1. i want to see it with grenade launcher, scope, laser, and silencer

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