Sunday, 22 July 2012

9-mm submachine gun of CP-2M Heather (9mm SR-2M Veresk submachine gun)

9-mm submachine gun of CP-2M Heather
9mm SR-2M Veresk submachine gun

Caliber: 9x21 (SP10, 7N29 and others), 
length of arms: 603/367 mm 
Barrel length: 172 mm 
Width of weapons: 41 mm 
Height of arms: 190 mm 
​​Weight, unloaded: 1,65 kg. 
Sighting range: 200m 
Rate of fire: 820 rds. / min
Caliber: 9x21mm 

Length: 603/367mm 
Barrel length: 172mm 
Height: 190mm 
Width: 41mm 
Weight unloaded: 1.65 kg 
Effective range: 200m. 
Rate: 820 s / m

Asian Defence News

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