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Germany for sale in Saudi Leopard 2A7 + tank using the high cost of top-level configuration

According to reports, Saudi Arabia recently from Germany to buy about 600-800 “Leopard” -2A7 + tanks, the total contract value to $ 12.6 billion.
“Leopard-2A7 + tank has a kind of” charm “? Why Saudi Arabia is willing to spend heavily in order of?
monster attack and defense is superb
from the defense point of view, the “Leopard”-2A7 + inherited the modular armor kit design ideas. Additional armor of the V-shaped anti-mine the end of the car up to 210 mm around the front and rear of the turret and hull and turret at the top of the body at the bottom of are additional armor coated body on both sides of the side skirts with additional armor is combo internal turret equipped with a new material its strength is 15 times the strength of steel.
from the attack point of view, the “Leopard”-2A7 + compared with the previous models, improve the combat capability of the various aspects, especially in urban warfare capabilities. It is equipped with a newly developed 120 mm programmable howitzer barrel than the Leopard-2A7 of the L44 1.3 m long, the muzzle velocity increased, and has a new ballistic software, improved gun stabilization device and high-performance muzzle , against the target of covert behind or inside the building.
desert city at ease
upgrade Leopard-2A7 +, both qualified for urban warfare, but also put in conventional battle.
“Leopard”-2A7 + with Rheinmetall Defence Electronics developed a new type of command, control and battlefield management systems, it will be a full-car navigation system, the sensor system, multi-function display console, digital car radio such as integrated as an organic whole, can be achieved between the tank and the tank, tanks and other platforms, and higher-level units of information exchange, so that each “Leopard”-2A7 + tank to become a data node in the information technology on the battlefield.
In addition, the “Leopard”-2A7 + in the rear hull equipped with infantry phone, aims to improve communication links between the armored units and infantry units. This is also based on the measures taken by the United States, the British combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq – Early tank can not be effective between the infantry call to rely on gestures, semaphore original means to contact, and typically results in the tank and synergy out of line infantry, thereby adversely affecting the fighter. “Leopard”-2A7 + driver with the driver’s vision enhancement equipment moved to the center position of the top of the car first, to improve the field of view.
demand customized prospect

Saudi Arabia this to buy German “Leopard”-2A7 + tanks may be used to replace the Saudi domestic existing 300 French-made AMX-30S and 450-series tanks, the American-made M60 tanks. Saudi Arabia, in order to meet the “not bad money,” and the high standards and strict requirements of this batch of German export “Leopard-2A7 + tanks, called” Leopard “family in the most advanced top-level configuration model.
take into account the special circumstances in the Middle East region, KMW Leopard-2A7 + tanks equipped with a new driver’s suspension seat and air conditioning systems, which resolve after the series of tanks in the case of high-temperature environment to a range of issues.
Saudi army equipped with the latest Leopard-2A7 + tanks, the overall operational capability is expected to be improved significantly.
At present, have included Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Army Materiel “Leopard” -2 series of tanks.
Panjun Jiang Huang descent
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Photo: Saudi want to buy 800 of the world’s most aggressive
Germany to sell Saudi Arabia advanced tanks intended to affect the Middle East pattern (Figure)
latest German Leopard 2A7 + tanks will be exported to Saudi Arabia’s top configuration
Germany intends to Saudi sale of 200 new Leopard tanks cited domestic criticism
Germany will Saudi exports of 200 Leopard 2A7 + tank
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