Monday, 23 July 2012

A beach resort in the United Kingdom found that more than 1000 pieces of World War II bomb

 According to British “Daily Telegraph” reported on July 22, heavy rain and coastal erosion, a British Humber (Humberside), Merced County, Mapleton (Mappleton) near the East Redding Beach (East Riding) cliff collapsed, exposing more than 1000 pieces of World War II bombs and rockets.
East Reading beach, during World War II was a bomb test site, here are often found scattered explosives. But last weekend, bad weather triggered landslides, at least over 1000 bombs above the ground. Many holiday visitors flock to the beach looking for “souvenirs”, the Coast Guard warned that many bombs are duds or practice bombs, but they are very unstable, which contained explosives, enough to trigger a “tragedy”.

the police 24 hours on the local beach patrols to prevent the children during the summer months to pick up “souvenirs”. Bomb disposal experts from the military in the coming days to clean up the beach. Military experts say, they may be small bomb removed, some of the other bombs may be detonated on the spot. Mudslides during the period, no one on the beach, the local government did not organize the evacuation.
Asian Defence News

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