Friday, 20 July 2012

Turkmenistan Shows Interest in Ukrainian Military Aeromedicine

Senior Officer of the Turkmen Armed Forces Gadam Tekeev, the representative of Turkmen Delegation, has visited Vinnytsia Military Medical Clinical Center. He has reviewed capabilities and facilities of the Ukrainian military medicine, especially, Ukrainian aviation medicine.

Giving a briefing-presentation, Colonel Olexandr Stoliarenko, Deputy Chief of the Center, told about the main tasks, system of medical flight support and aeromedical evacuation within the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Center personnel demonstrated the capabilities of emergency medicine, anesthesiology, reanimation, intensive therapy and detoxication, aviation and aerospace medicine, as well as altitude test chambers.

At the military aerodrome, Gadam Tekeev visited medical evacuation aircraft An-26 Vita, its facilities and medical equipment. He mentioned that Turkmenistan highly appreciated the Ukrainian aviation medicine experience and wanted to adopt some Ukrainian achievements.

“We are open for cooperation and sharing our experience with our ex-USSR, US, European and African colleagues. I’m sure this visit will be fruitful for medical services of both countries,” Olexandr Stoliarenko summed up.

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