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Tor-M2E wheeled self-propelled air defence missile system

Tor-M2E wheeled self-propelled Air Defence Missile System (ADMS)
Rosoboronexport - Russia


The system is designed to attack aircraft, helicopters, aerodynamic UAVs, guided missiles and other components of high precision weapons flying at medium, low and extremely low altitudes in adverse air and jamming environment.
  • Provides circular scanning of air in the assigned sector in elevation, acquisition and identification of air targets, evaluation of air situation, automatic prioritization of firing at the most threatening targets.
  • Sends target designations of the selected targets to the guidance radar, performs targets fine search, lock-on and auto-tracking, defines the killing zone entry moment, launches missiles, automatically aims missiles to targets according to radio commands.
  • Combat vehicle (CV) 9A331MK can perform search, acquisition and identification of air targets on the move or at halt, transition to targets tracking and missile launching is performed at a short halt.
  • Combat vehicle (CV) 9A331MK crew totals 3 persons, including a driver.

Composition combat facilities
  • Combat vehicle (CV) 9A331MK
  • 9M334 surface-to-air missile module with four surface-to-air guided missile 9M331.
Surface-to-air missile module is a uniform construction consisting of transportation and launching container with surface-to-air guided missiles.
The SAM module is intended for storage, transportation and launching od surface-to-air guided missiles. During operation four, three, two or one missile can be in a module.

Composition technical facilities
  • 9T244 transporteur/loader (TL)
  • 9T245 transporting vehicle
  • 9V887M2K maintenance workstation (battery MV)
  • 9V887-1M2K maintenance workstation (regiment MV)
  • 9F399-1M2K group SPTA set vehicle
  • 9F116 rigging equipment set
  • Training simulator for the combat vehicle operators
  • MTO-AG3M1 maintenance shop

Additionally together with the system a control facility can be delivered
  • 9S737M or 9S737MK mobile unified battery command post (UBCP)
It provides control of group actions of CV battery, communication with higher and middle-level echelons of air defence network.

Basic performance characteristics

Minimal horizontal killing range at height (10 m): 1500 m
Minimal horizontal killing range at height (more than 100 m): not more the 1000 m
Number of simultaneously processed target by TAR*: 48
Number of simultaneously tracked targets by TAR* with their threat level ranking: 9+1 AJ**
Possibility to exchange radar information between two CVs: available
Capacity to protect against modern special self-cover jamming: available
Missile launching: vertical
Anti-aircraft guided missile ammunition in CV: 8 pcs (in 2 modules)
CV deployment time from travelling to combat position: 3 min
CV speed on highway: up to 80 km/h
CV speed on dirt road: up to 30 km/h
Fuel endurance (at two-hour equipment operation by gas-turbine engine): 500 km
CV crew: 3

*TAR: Target Acquisition Radar
**AJ: Active Jamming

Killing zone of ADMS TOR-M2E CV

Target parameters speed 300 m/s
  • in height, m: from 10 to 10000
  • in range, m: from 1000 to 12000
  • By course parameter, m: up to 8000

Target parameters speed 600 m/s
  • in height, m: from 10 to 6000
  • in range, m: to 12000
  • By course parameter, m: up to 7000

Target parameters speed 420 m/s firing in pursuit
  • in range, m: from 1500 to 10000
  • By course parameter, m: from 1000 to 8000

HPW with SCS* more than 0.1 sq. m, speed up to 700 m/s
  • in height, m: from 50 to 6000
  • in range, m: from 1500 to 7000
  • By course parameter, m: to 6000
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