Sunday, 15 July 2012

Syrian Pechora-2M air defence missile system

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  1. Vietnam upgraded Pechora-2M Air defence system
    Vietnam sign contract with Tetraedr upgrade package over 30 combinations of the S-125 air defense missile "Pechora-M" to the standard S-125-2TM Pechora-2TM.

    Tetraedr development is the combination medium-range air defense missiles S-125-2TM.Tetraedr was founded April 26, 2001 in the capital, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.

    S-125-2TM Pechora-2TM will be equipped with at least 10 air defense missile regiments (the 8th regiment using Pechora-2M includes regiment 213, 250, 257, 274, 276, 282, 284 and regiment 285). In October 2010, the vehicles and components to upgrade the S-125 "Pechora-M" in first phase of this contract was transport to Noi Bai airport.

    After a period of upgrade Pechora-2TM in A31 Factory, Department of Engineering, Air Defense-Air Force, 152 Battalion of the 250 Missile Regiment was the first unit receives the weaponry refurbished. From 26 to 28 March 2011, the Battalion 152 and Tetraedr experts, A31 Factory and Technical Department of the Air Force and Air Defense shot test at TB1 ammunition. During shoot, 152 battalions have used the equipment of S-125-2TM fired a total of six missiles (1 missiles on 26/03/2011 and 5 missiles on 28/3/2011) kill the six target aircraft, results killing 100%.

    The second units to receive the S-125-2TM is the 122 Battalion of the Regiment 284. During live firing drills from 1 to 5 December 2011 at TB1, Battalion 122 with technical experts Tetraedr have conducted successful test shot of S-125-2TM with the performance of the equipment of 152 Battalion.

    In the process of modernization, the basic parts to be replaced, equipped with photovoltaic systems "day - night" and defensive radio techniques to deal with anti-radar missiles. two missile mounted on truck chassis produce by the Minsk factory.


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