Saturday, 14 July 2012

OTs-38 7.62 mm Stechkin special revolver KBP - Russia

The revolver is intended for engaging the enemy manpower at ranges up to 50 m with a silenced cartridge.
Compared to a silenced pistol, this revolver provides higher concealement of special operations due to the complete lack of firing signature.
A hammer type trigger mechanism is of double action. The preliminary cocked hammer can be set on manual safety, that allows carrying a cocked revolver quite safety.
The revolver is also provided with a safety that prevents from a discharge if the cylinder is swung out or incompletely closed, or if the gun is struck or dropped.
Due to the barrel location below the cylinder axis, the position of the firer's hand is more stable, ensuring better accuracy and higher practical rate of fire.
Loading with a 5-round clip and simultaneous extraction of all fired cases reduces preparation of fire.
At the customer's request the revolver can be equipped with a built-in laser target pointer.


Cartridge: 7.62 mm SP-4
Weight, empty (with pointer laser): 0.88 kg
Weight, empty (without pointer laser): 0.82 kg
Dimensions: 191x40x140 mm

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