Wednesday, 18 July 2012

K2 Korean new Main Battle Tank

K2 Main Battle Tank (MBT)
Hyundai Rotem - Korea South
The K2 (Korean new Main Battle Tank) designed to lead the future combat environments is the indigenous Korean model that has world class mobility, fire power and survivability.
It has truly incorporated the latest technology and excellent function such as the digital battle management system connected with the C4I system.


Crew: 3
Combat weight: 55.000 kg
Length: 10.8 m
Width: 3.6 m
Height: 2.4 m
Ground clearance: 0.45 m (variable: 0.15 to 0.55)
Maximum road speed: 70 km/h
Maximum cross country speed: 50 km/h
Gradient: 60%
Side slope: 30%
Vertical obstacle: 1 m
Trench: 2.74 m
Fording: 4.1 m
Engine: 1500 hp, diesel
Transmission: fully automatic, forward 5, reverse 3
Power weight ratio: 27.3 hp/t
Suspension: all ISU (in-arm suspension unit)


Main gun: 120 mm 55 caliber smoothbore
Ammo loading: autoloader
Ammunition: 40 rounds
Secondary weapons: 1x 12.7 mm MG and 1x 7.62 mm MG
Smoke grenade launcher:  6x2


Armor protection: composite armor/ERA
NBC protection: collective
Active protection system: soft-kill or hard-kill (optional)
Fire suppression: Engine compartment: thermo wire
Fire suppression: crew compartment: optical sensor
Identification of friend or foe: yes

Fire control

Gunner's primary sight (GPS)
  • day/night
  • 2 axis stabilization
  • optic/thermal, LRF
Commander's panoramic sight
  • day/night
  • 2 axis stabilization
  • optic/thermal, LRF
Auto target detection: yes
Hunter killer function: yes
Gun and turret driving system: electric


Navigation: GPS and INS
Battlefield management: yes (C4I)
Embedded training: yes
Built in test: yes
Crew display: commander/gunner/driver
Air-conditioning system: yes

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