Saturday, 14 July 2012

JY-11B high-mobility low-altitude 3D air surveillance radar CETC international - China

Low-altitude JY-11B is a low-altitude, 3D, S band, solid state, highly mobile air surveillance radar.
It adopts novel design concepts of reconfigurable transmitting beam shape and BFU (beam forming unit) receiving beams with advanced technology incorporated to provide low-altitude target detection, precision 3-D target reports, powerful ECCM, good site adaptability and strong survivability.
JY-11B is designed to carry out most reliable missions and an effective detection and tracking of low flying targets in extremely sophisticated natural and man-made clutter environment.

  • Ultra-low altitude air surveillance and detection
  • Medium range air coverage
  • Exercising the mission of emergent operation
  • Automatic target detection and tracking
  • Target designation to weapon system

  • High mobility
  • Long distance fast deployment and replacement
  • High level of automation for fast reaction
  • Powerful standalone operation capability
  • Excellent low altitude detection capability
  • Powerful ECCM performance
  • All weather operation


Operating frequency: S band
Detection range: ≥ 260 km
Detection range (minimum): 3 km
Ceiling height: ≥ 12000 m
Elevation range: 0 to 35°
Azimuth range: 0 to 360°
Accuracy (RMS) range: ≤ 50 m
Accuracy (RMS) azimuth: ≤ 0.3
Accuracy (RMS) height: ≤ 500 m (within 100 km)
Resolution range: 100 m
Resolution azimuth: 1.8°
Deployment time: 10 min by 4 persons
Withdrawal time: 10 min by 4 persons

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