Monday, 16 July 2012

Israel/Hezbollah UAV crashes at Eastern Lebanon

There has been conflicting reports for the past hours of a UAV that crashes in the Baalbek town in Younin, east of Lebanon on Saturday. The crash site was soon cordoned off by members of the resistance, who prevented access to the area and later transported the drone off site to an unknown location.
The object, which was in flames, led to a fire in the area prompting Civil Defense teams and security agencies to the scene. Although the exact identity of the UAV was unknown, some assumed that the UAV belongs to the Hezbollah group which operates several Mohajer 4 (Mersad 1) UAV.

Meanwhile, other sources  claimed that the spy drone was in fact belonged to Israel. The Israeli reconnaissance planes have usually violated the Lebanese airspace, despite UN Security Council Resolution 1701 which brokered a ceasefire in the war Israel launched against Lebanon in 2006.
The resolution calls on Israel to respect Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. In 2009, Lebanon filed a complaint with the United Nations, presenting over 7,000 documents pertaining to Israeli violation of the Lebanese territory.
IASF was the pioneer of UAV operation having used them against Syrian forces in Bekaa Valley in 1982. The air arm service currently operates several types of UAV namely IAI Eitan, IAI Heron, Elbit Hermes 450 and Bluebird Spylite.

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