Saturday, 14 July 2012

Iran’s DMDC Opens Online Games Center

Iran’s Information Technology and Digital Media Development Center is going to open online games center for Iranians. Hassan Alizadeh, the head of DMDC, announced this news by saying: “This center will open online games center in the near future.”
Hassan Alizadeh also asked games producers to form a special syndicate in order to take more advantages from governmental helps and producing the better games in future.
“The main intention of DMDC is introducing the homemade games to Iranian gamers. This will help to increase the sales of produced games and people will play games which are endorsed according to the several factors defined by this center. DMDC also uses TV and mass media ads in order to introduce the best games. We are going to start a certain portal named Saramad. In this portal local producers can sell their games.” Hassan Alizadeh added.
Information Technology and Digital Media Development Center is a governmental center depends on Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

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