Saturday, 21 July 2012

Iran is Going to Open Local Google Earth Like Service

Ali Hakim Javadi, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Technology and The head of Information Technology Organization of Iran, announced the opening of a new local service like Google Earth.
“Currently we are developing a local search engine for Iranian users. In this process, we have not yet faced any major problem so I have to say that we don’t have any technical shortages in this field. After inaugurating this service, we will integrate other options and features to that like local Google Earth.” Ali Hakim Javadi said.
According to the statistics revealed by the governmental sources in Iran, each Iranian user performs 5 searches on Google daily. And the average of the total searches is estimated 1825 times a year. Google made $36 million revenue from Iran’s search market. The survey shows 40% of Iranian users click on sponsored listing ads in the results page during 2011. is ranked as the first website in Iran while its biggest rival is placed thirty based on Alexa ranking system.
Asian Defence News

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