Wednesday, 18 July 2012

International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) 2012

The International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) showcases a wide variety of technology, ranging from equipment used in the third world countries to the most sophisticated systems from the West. This exhibition provides a perfect interactive platform for the defence forces to assess the best products and technology to cater for their respective defence-related requirements. Besides, it also presents
an ideal opportunity to the manufacturers of Military Weapons System, Vehicles, Defence system etc for entering into collaboration and joint ventures with Pakistan or other prospective international partners.
  CATEGORY A : Weapons and Ammunition - Turrets
  A.1 Air defence Systems
  A.2 Anti-to-ground and coastal Defence Systems
  A.3 Anti-Tank / Wall Breaching Weapon Systems
A.4 Army Ordnance and Ammunition
A.5 Mortars and Mortar Ammunition
A.6 Specific Weapon Systems and Ammunition
A.7 Guns and Ammunition for armoured vehicles > 40 mm - Turrets
A.8 Medium Calibre Weapons and Ammunition (20 to 40 mm) - Turrets & Mounts
A.9 Small Calibre Weapon and Ammunition < 20 mm - Turrets & Mounts
A.10 Close Defence Weapons
A.11 Land Mines and Explosive Charges
A.12 Signaling and Illuminating Devices
A.13 Igniters and Firing Mechanisms
A.14 Propellants, Explosives, Charges
A.15 Fuses, Homing Heads, Guidance Systems
A.16 Class A Sub-Assemblies and Components
A.17 Upgrading Category A equipment
CATEGORY B : Vehicles - Aircraft - Drones (UAV)
B.1 Main Battle Tanks and variants > 30 ton
B.2 Armoured Vehicles < 30 ton
B.3 Lightly Armoured and Un–armoured Vehicles
     Other vehicles - Robotic Vehicles
B.4 Aircraft - Drones (UAV)
B.5 Parachuting and Air Delivery
B.6 Vehicle Engines and Transmission Systems - Amphibious Propulsion Systems
B.7 Fuel - Lubricants – Storage – Supply
B.8 Class B Sub – Assemblies and Components
B.9 Upgrading Category B equipment

CATEGORY C: Battlefield Management / C4ISTAR (C4ISR + Target Acquisition)
C1 C4I Systems
C2 Observation - Driving / Piloting - Position finding and Navigation
C3 Measuring Devices - Observation - Target Acquisition
C4 Automatic Liaison systems - Fire-coordination Systems
C5 Military Space
C6 Military Telecommunications networks
C7 Communications Equipment
C8 Electronics (Vetronics) - Onboard systems
C9 Detection, information- gathering and Identification systems
C10 Deception and Countermeasures Equipment
C11 Electric Power Supply
C12 Cables - Fibres - Insulation
C13 Class C sub-assemblies and components
C14 Upgrading Class C equipment

CATEGORY D: Training & Simulation - Support - Protection - Operational logistics
D1 Training - Simulation
D2 Supporting and Equipping the man
D3 Medical Treatment - Casualty Handling -
    Hospitals - Rescue - Field hygiene
D4 Protection during Conventional Operations
D5 NRBC Protection
D6 Operational Logistics and Installations
D7 Upgrading Class D equipment

CATEGORY E: Special Equipment: Engineer Works - Crossing - Terrain clearance - Army Participation in Homeland Security - Peacekeeping - Urban operations (MOUT)
E1 - Engineer field works
E2 - Water Crossing - Diving
E3 - Bridging - Obstacle Crossing
E4 - Terrain Clearance – Explosive Ordnance Disposal
E5 - Homeland / Internal Security
E6 - Peacekeeping - Population control - Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT)        Note: Humanitarian relief: see D3
E7 - Upgrading Class E equipment

CATEGORY F: Industrial and Logistic Support
F1 - Equipment support and packaging
F2 - Engineering - Manufacturing
F3 - Measuring and testing systems
F4 - General-use Components and Sub-assemblies - Treatment of materials
F5 - Upgrading Class F equipment

CATEGORY G: Industry Sectors Involved
G1 - Trials, Measuring and verification
G2 - Electricity, electro-technique, electronics, computing
G3 - Thermal and electric power
G4 - Manufacture and industrial use of metals, plastics, textiles and composite materials
G5 - Hydraulics
G6 - Oil and Chemical industries
G7 - Optics and optronics - Lasers
G8 - Pyrotechnics
G9 - Robotics
G10 - Simulation
G11 - Telecommunications

CATEGORY H: Services
H1 - Professional organizations
H2 - Teaching and Training Organizations
H3 - Government-related Security organizations (Police, Civil Defence)
H4 - Research institutes and laboratories, trials organizations
H5 - Security and Land Defence Consultancy Companies, Technical Assistance
H6 - Service providers and suppliers
H7 - Defence Exhibition and Defence-linked Events Organizers
H8 - Press - Specialized publications - Publishing - Printing
H9 - Miscellaneous (Please Specify)
CATEGORY I : Naval Ships and Equipment
I.1 - Ships

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