Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Indonesian National Army Navy will utilize peer aircraft without crew (UAV) belonging to the National Aviation and Space (EIGHT) to protect the sovereignty of the Republic Indonesia .

Utilization of remote sensing technology is marked by the signing of the Charter of the Joint Agreement committed by the TNI Navy Chief of Staff (KSAL) Admiral TNI and Head EIGHT Soeparno Tejasukmana Bambang S, in the field of science and technology kedirgantaraan, in Mabesal, Cilangkap, East Jakarta, on Monday.

Admiral TNI KSAL Soeparno, say, the same work that he is short and the long term. Short term, increase the capacity or the quality of human resources by training together, exchange, interchange of information.

Meanwhile, long-term benefit remote sensing technology, such as peer use of satellites and aircraft without crew (UAV). "The cooperation will help the TNI AL tasks in maintaining national sovereignty, such as surveillance ships that pass in the waters Indonesia . Outer islands will also be monitored, "said KSAL.

"For the first, we will try five years. May later be added again five years. Maybe after 10 years has achieved what we wanted, "he said while hoping through this cooperation could be more optimal security in the sea.

EIGHT head Bambang S Tejasukmana, say, technical assistance given to the TNI AL EIGHT, the aircraft peek without you (UAV) and satellite as remote sensing to make observations in the sea area."We will develop a satellite that can be worn navy, generally TNI. We try to develop this ability can EIGHT support activities at the TNI AL. Satellites carry sensors that will be developed automatic identification system," he said

According to him, there is no performance target for the outer space for defense critical infrastructure. "So it is not limited. Projections will continue to be repeated five year and repeated again until a clear shape. Five This year we are more focused on remote sensing, monitoring small island, the utilization of satellites for activities TNI AL, "Bambang said.

Same scope of work, covering the areas of research, research, development and utilization of science and technology (Science & Technology) kedirgantaraan. Proceeding kedirgantaraan itself includes, remote sensing, aerospace science and technology kedirgantaraan.

In addition, both agencies are also working in the field of exchange of knowledge, data, information, and experts as well as increased human resource capacity.
Asian Defence News

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