Wednesday, 25 July 2012

India said Chinese-made helicopter gunships out of date no interest in buying

Chinese Army Aviation helicopter group has open to more than 100 Chinese and foreign media reporters, to the outside world a close watch of the Chinese helicopter weapons and equipment. “The Hindu” reported that on July 24, while the Chinese side expressed the intention to India and other countries to sell China-made helicopter, but analysts believe that India is likely that the helicopter technology is too outdated, so “no interest” to buy .
Hindu newspaper reported that on the 24th Chinese Army Aviation regiment, the People’s Liberation Army to foreign reporters for the first time shows its domestic direct -9 armed reconnaissance helicopter. Currently Zhi-9 and a more advanced Z-11 is mainly sold to Pakistan and some African countries, but China has also expressed intention to India and other countries for sale.
report quoted a People’s Liberation Army colonel said: “We are willing to sell these helicopters to India and other countries.”

However, analysts in India, India is likely this does not have any interest “, because due to the long face of Western arms embargo, the Chinese helicopter is mainly dependent or out-of-date professional and technical. Zhi-9 as an example, the report said, the development of the helicopter, followed by China and France signed a license agreement, so it is still based on the older European helicopter model.
India, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Chinese military experts on Sri Canterbury Kong Da Pali, India is seeking to update its helicopter equipment, and Apache helicopter purchase agreement signed with the United States.
“China does not have that level of things.” Kong Da Pali. “India wants to get the fourth generation of helicopters, and China still have a second or third generation products.”
But reports then also pointed out that the above-mentioned Indian scholar said this all possible will soon be changed. It wrote that four helicopters of the Army Air Corps in China, officials are about the past 20 years they have seen changes. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army had to rely on old-fashioned French and Russian fighters, but now are trying to equip their more advanced Z-11-made helicopter, which is also a source of proud Asian Defence News

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