Sunday, 15 July 2012

FN-6 man-portable air defense system MANPADS

FN-6 man-portable air defense system (MANPADS)
Poly Technologies - China
FN-6 is a single man-portable air defence missile weapon system newly developed with infrared passive homing guidance.
It has the capability of all-direction attack and anti-infrared jamming. Featured with fire-and-forget capability, easy operation, carrying and transportation, compability with multi-launching platform, the system can effectively intercept fighter-bomber, strike aircraft, armed helicopter and other air targets.


Interception zone
  • Minimum altitude: 15 m
  • Maximum altitude: 3800 m
  • Minimum range: 500 m
  • Maximum range: 5500 m
Single shot kill probability: ≥ 0.7
Missile length: 1495 mm
Missile diameter: 71 mm
Missile weight: 10.77 kg
Maximum speed: 600 m/s
Overload: 18 g
Launch reaction time (from activating the ground power to missile launching): ≤ 5 s
Total weight of system: 17 kg
Anti-jamming capability
  • Resistance to background and ground object interference
  • Counter infrared decoy
  • Counter infrared modulation jamming

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