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China’s Top Sniper’s amazing skills with his Dragunov SVD Rifle


Zhang Hua, Born in February 1979, joined the Chinese Armed Police in December 1997.  Now he is the deputy captain of the third detachment of the third brigade of Armed police in Hebei Province Corps. Three times
He once participated in the "Police & Military Sniper World Cup" which held in Budapest, Hungary, for three times and have achieved excellent results. Especially in the 9th world cup, he won the first in Police individual category, then in the 10th event, he won as the member to get the first position in the police team category.
In the video, Zhang first uses sniper rifle continuous to shot at 80 meters distance to crush 5 eggs within 5 seconds. Subsequently, Zhang demonstrated the skills of precision shooting. 80 meters away, A knife is inserted into the wooden pier, the blade was backed by a blank paper. Zhang shot and the bullet has been split into two parts by the blade, leaving two bullet holes in white paper. Under normal circumstances, the sniper hit the blade in% 7-10%.
The same distance, Zhang shot hit the empty cartridge case, bullet casings middle through the cartridge case at the bottom of the breakdown, the edge is not destroyed.
Zhang Hua uses a Type 85 sniper rifle. (Chinese edition of Dragunov sniper rifle). The Dragunov sniper rifle is a semi-automatic sniper rifle/designated marksman rifle chambered in 7.62×54mmR and developed in the Soviet Union. Licensed production of the Dragunov sniper rifle was established in China (Type 79 and Type 85).
The 7.62 mm Type 79 sniper rifle is a Chinese copy of the Soviet Dragunov SVD. It is a long-barrel, semi-automatic, magazine-fed 7.62 mm rifle that is optimised for accuracy over long distance. The rifle is equipped with an 4 power sniper scope. With scope, the rifle weighs approximately 4.4 kg. The Type 79 is reliable and tolerant to the abuses of use in the field comparing to other sniper rifles in the world.
The Type 85 is an improved variant of the Type 79, with slightly higher rate of fire and shorter effective range. Its appearance is almost identical to the Type 79.

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