Wednesday, 18 July 2012

BTR-4V wheeled armoured personnel carrier

BTR-4V wheeled amphibious armoured personnel carrier
Ukrspecexport - Ukraine
The BTR-4V is intended to transport infantry troops to the battlefield and to provide fire support in combat.

The APC is operated by military units within combat actions under various conditions, including NBC environment. The BTR-4V can also be operated by the quick-reaction forces and marine corps as a basic vehicle.
The APC can fulfil its tasks day-and-night, under various climatic conditions, on hard-surface roads and off-road. The operating temperature range of the APC is between -40°C and +50°C.


Crew: 3 + 7
Configuration: 8x8
Length: 7878 mm
Width: 2932 mm
Height: 3025 mm
Weight: 21.9 t + 3%
Power-to-weight ratio: 20.18 hp/t
Maximum speed on road: not less than 110 km/h
Maximum speed in water: 10 km/h
Gradient: 30°
Side slope: 25°
Trench: 2 m
Vertical obstacle: 0.5 m


Type: diesel, V type 6-cylinders
Maximum power: 330 kW (442 hp)
Transmission: automatic
Suspension: independent
Navigation system: satellite, GLONASS/GPS NAVSTAR

Armament (BM-7 PARUS overhead weapon station)

Automatic gun: ZTM-1 (2A72)
Calibre: 30 mm
Ammunition: 400 rds

Machine gun: coaxial
calibre: 7.62 mm
ammunition: 2000 rds (4x500)

Automatic grenade launcher: AG-17
Calibre: 30 mm
Ammunition: 145 rds

Anti-tank missile system: Barrier
ATGMs: 2+2

Fire control system: optical television system with laser range finder, including commander's station override control
Driver's night vision device: TVN-5
Air conditioning: available
Winch drive: hydraulic
Wheel and tyre: Michelin 365/80R20 XZL with Hutchinson wheel and runflat VFI system

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