Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Artemis 30 Twin 30mm cannon carriage

Quick reaction time - Self defense capability - Immediate fire-power support capability - Low procurement costs - Low life cycle costs The Artemis 30 Twin Cannon Carriage is especially designed to combat air targets at short ranges with high effectiveness and low cost. It can be automatically controlled by a distant fire control system or locally by a gunner.
The high rate of fire together with the great accuracy ensure effective operation against multiple targets. The A- 30 T.C.C. (twin cannon carriage) can be provided, according to the customer’s requirements, with intergrated optronic fire control thus maximizing its operational capabilities. Basic features include local control with remote designation (radar or optical), fully automatic computation of ballistics based on laser ranging, easy tracking and further expansion to night operation. The T.C.C. (Twin Cannon Carriage) is a towed autonomous, twin axle, split type, twin cannon carriage, with its own power generating set, placed on a detachable front axle. Two 30mm automatic cannons are placed on either side of elevating structure and are completely independent of each other. The 30mm automatic cannons are placed on either side of the elevating structure and are completely independent of each other. The ammunition capacity of the carriage is 500 rounds ready to be fired at a rate of fire of 800 rds/min per barrel. In the deployed position the cannon carriage is supported by two slewable outriggers with hydraulic supports on the left and right side of the main frame and a hydraulic support on the rear of the main frame. The rear axle is swung up and the carriage is lowered to ensure that the center of gravity is as low as possible. The modes of operation include, remote, local and emergency operation. In the remote mode, the T.C.C. receives positional and functional commands from a fire control system whilst in local mode all TCC functions are controlled by one gunner as long as electrical power and hydraulic system are on. Emergency operation is a back up mode in the case that electrical power is completely off, where the gunner uses manual pressure control and hand crank wheels for mechanical positioning. 

Length: 7950 mm
Width: 2375 mm
Height: 2,25 m
Total weight: 6840 kg
Rate of fire per barrel: 720-850 rpm
Rate of fire: Per Carriage: 1.600 rpm (nominal)
Muzzle velocity (EBO round):
1025 m/s
Frequency (nominal): 400 Hz
Voltage (nominal): 115/200 V
Power (nominal): 15 kW
Traverse arc: n x 390°
Elevation arc: -5° to +85°

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