Sunday, 22 July 2012

Al-Zarrar Pakistani Main Battle Tank

Tank T-59, which has been in use for over 30 years with Pakistan Armoured Corps, is being upgraded by HIT under a phased pogramme since 1990 with a total of 50 upgraded features giving a quantum technological leap to this old tank.

Major features of the upgraded tank are:

a. 125 mm Smooth Bore Gun with compatible Gun Control System & Semi Auto Loader
b. Image Stabilized Fire Control System and (ISFCS)
c. Thermal Imaging (TI) for day/night combat
d. 730 HP Engine
e. Compatible Transmission and Suspension System
f. Add-on/Explosive Reactive Armour

Combat Weight: 40 Ton
Crew: 4
Power to Weight: 18.3 HP/Ton
Max Torque/rpm: 305 kgm/1300-1400rpm
Running Gear Suspension
Track: Rubber
Bump Stop: 2 each side
Support Roller: 3 each side
Shock Absorber: Friction Type
Torsion Bars: 10

Main Gun: 125mm Smooth Bore
Projectiles: APFSDS, HEAT, HE
Co-Axial MG: 7.62 mm
AA MG: 12.7 mm
Type: Semi Auto Loading/Ramming System
Type: Image Stabilised Fir Control System with LRF and ballistic computer
Firing Capability: S-S, S-M, M-S, M-M
ERA: Optional
Fire Extinguishing & Explosion Suppression: YES
Thermal Smoke Screen: Installed

Asian Defence News

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