Monday, 23 July 2012

Afghan air defence depends on US

 Kabul—Lack of modern and equipped air defense, radars, and other military equipment will keep Afghanistan dependent on the US air force for some time, Afghan military expert General Noorulhq Olomi told an Afghan TV channel.

He said that Afghanistan needs a Nato-standard military air force in order to protect the country after 2014, otherwise the presence of the foreign troops would be necessary.

“Afghanistan will be remain dependent on the US air force as long as its own air defenses are not equipped with modern warplanes, radars and other military equipments,” Olomi said that after the report of a new contract between the US and Russian government for helicopters for Afghanistan.

The US government will purchase ten Mi-17 Russian helicopters worth $171.4 million for the Afghan air force which can be used in both for military offensives as a gunship or for the logistic purposes.

However, another Afghan military expert Gen. Atiqullah Amarkhel believes that US helicopters would be better suited to Afghanistan than the Russian ones.

“The US-made helicopters are better for Afghan air defense rather than Russian ones - it’s much easier for maintenance because the US advisors and technicians are available in Afghanistan,” Amarkhel told TOLO news.

This comes as Afghan Ministry of Defense raised its concern over the purchase of Russian helicopters saying their spare parts are not available and their use could be difficult for the officers trained in the US.—INP
Asian Defence News

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