Sunday, 14 October 2012

Shipbuilding Damen (Damen-Holland)

The firm Damen had several buildings and naval equipment. This Dutch company shows an annual production of 120 to 150 ships, and since its inception in 1969, more than 5,000 units have been delivered.
The firm Damen offers a wide range of shipbuilding:
In the military field the company product: transport ships, patrol vessels (police, customs, etc.), personal transport vessels, specific buildings for work at sea, offshore wind farms, fishing vessels, etc..
In the military field the firm Damen produces a wide range of buildings such as frigates, corvettes, offshore patrol vessels, buildings interception, amphibious support ships (LPD), etc..
A unit of the company is located in Capetown, South Africa. The DSCT  (Damen Shipyards CapeTown).

Among the successes of the firm Damen vessels include type SIGMA sold especially in Morocco and Indonesia.

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