Tuesday, 23 October 2012

F-16 Cockpit

The F-16 cockpit is your home and office in Falcon 4. In order to be an effective pilot, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the general layout of the cockpit, and to learn what each switch and dial does. The majority of the cockpit is realistically modeled in Falcon 4, which makes it easy for new pilots to be overwhelmed. This page is intended to familiarize the new pilot with the cockpit, and to serve as a guide for further study. It will act as a "master iPage" weight loss pills containing links to other pages about specific pencil skirt instruments and portions of the panel.

F-16 Cockpit Layout

This diagram displays the general layout of the F-16 cockpit. The general layout is often divided into five areas - the front panel, the left and right forward consoles, and the left and right side consoles. The front panel is reserved for the most important phentermine forums community and flight information, as well as the up-front controls (including the ICP and DED). The forward consoles contain other important gauges (including engine instruments and warning lights), as well as cockpit controls which the pilot needs to use often during flight, such as countermeasure controls and the landing gear lever. The side consoles contain controls phentermine which the pilot needs access to but which are not generally used luxury hotels much in-flight.
The consoles are divided into "panels" - each panel usually deals with one particular system or group of systems, and contains a group of related controls which pertain to that system. For example, the HUD panel on the right console contains a group of switches which lose weight fast all affect the data displayed on the weight loss pills moving storage Head-Up Display

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