Monday, 22 October 2012

Frigate input: Argentina threatens Ghana enter the UN

Argentina plans to appeal to the United Nations if Ghana does not take "responsibility" in the seizure of his ship Libertad school, held from October 2 in the country, said Friday the Minister of Foreign Affairs Hector Timerman.

"Argentina keeps all options open in terms of international justice and, if it becomes necessary, have recourse to the United Nations," Mr. Timerman said in a statement read to reporters.

To try to resolve this crisis, a delegation composed of the Vice-Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Alfredo Forti and Eduardo Zuain was dispatched to Ghana.

The Argentine delegation "reaffirmed that the Government of Ghana (Buenos Aires) would continue to require that its responsibility in capturing the frigate Libertad," said the minister.

Argentine frigate was seized by the Ghanaian port authorities following an appeal NML hedge fund based in the Cayman Islands, which claims more than 370 million dollars (283 million euros) in Buenos Aires.

"This is illegal since the ship enjoys immunity as clean Ghana recognizes all international conventions it has signed," continued the head of the Argentine diplomacy.

Mr. Timerman also said that "negotiating with vulture funds + + is not an option."

A fourth senior Argentine director of military intelligence strategic Lourdes Puente Olivera, resigned on Thursday, more than two weeks after the capture of Ghana training ship Libertad.

The resignation comes after the head of the navy, Admiral Carlos Alberto Paz, in the wake of sanctions against two other senior officials of the Navy, Alfredo Mario Blanco and Luis Gonzalez, "laid off" time to establish responsibility for the decision to stop in Ghana.

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