Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Publication of the first images of e2v imaging sensors integrated into the satellite Earth observation SPOT 6 Astrium

Launched on 9 September 2012, SPOT 6 satellite is a high-resolution optical Earth observation made by Astrium. Like his brother, SPOT 7, to be launched in 2014, SPOT 6 has a swath width of 60 km and is capable of capturing images with a ground resolution of 1.5 m. The first images from imaging sensors (CCD) high performance e2v sent by SPOT 6.

So that the satellite can capture images of such resolution, CCD imaging sensors manufactured by e2v are integrated into the camera NAOMI manufactured by Astrium. The imaging sensors were manufactured using advanced technologies including:
- Functionality TDI (Time Delay Integration) and step selections
- The high level of integration
- High sensitivity / Backside illumination

The SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 join the Pleiades 1A high-resolution satellite already in orbit and, in 2014, the Pleiades satellite 2B (both equipped with e2v imaging sensors) to form a complete optical constellation.With this constellation, anywhere in the world can be observed in high resolution first, then very high resolution. Captured images will be distributed by Astrium Services for National Mapping and defense , surveillance of agriculture, deforestation and the environment, maritime surveillance and coastal civil engineering and mining, oil and gas.

Tulet Michel, director of the Department of detecting optical instruments at EADS Astrium (France) said: "We are totally satisfied with the performance provided by the sensors developed by e2v for Astrium. With over 20 years of cooperation in ambitious programs, our teams have acquired large mutual knowledge that allowed them to work together very effectively. Such cooperation allows us to offer the best performance and high profitability for the product family NAOMI instrument. instruments Three NAOMI already provide high-quality images from low Earth orbit and four others will join in the coming months. "

"E2v has provided imaging sensors for previous generations of satellites from SPOT2 in 1990 SPOT3 in 1993, SPOT 4 and SPOT 5 in 1998 in 2002, and is delighted to bring its expertise to ensure continuity of service with sensors for SPOT 6 and SPOT 7. Our latest sensors were created using technology and enhanced features, and we look forward to the idea of ​​the captured images in the coming years. "says Bertrand De Monte Head e2v Marketing.

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