Friday, 26 October 2012

The DCNS Combat Commander Gowind

A corvette muscular, is the impression given by the Combat Gowind with its 57mm gun, supplemented by twelve surface to air missiles to defend its perimeter, eight launchers for surface-surface strike targets at sea or on land, and torpedoes.

Developed by DCNS to position itself on the market of maritime safety and security theater, it belongs to the class of 2000 tonnes for a length of 101 meters and can accommodate 15 passengers plus a crew of 65 men.

It is also well equipped with sensors, a 3D radar, a set of cons-electronic measurements and sonar. It can land and house a heavy helicopter and implement aerial drones. Many countries are interested in this type of building to renew their navies including South America, Asia, South-East, the Middle East and, to some extent, Africa.

It works well as a complement of the Gowind OPV with a multi-mission operational capability and increased firepower. Malaysia has shown interest in acquiring the Combat Gowind.

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