Monday, 22 October 2012

Euronaval 2012: defense and ocean monitoring

New maritime activities could generate 300,000 new jobs in France by 2022.

The 23rd edition of Euronaval, the first international exhibition of naval (not pleasure), opened its doors Monday, October 22, for five days at Parc des expositions du Bourget near Paris. Jean-Yves Le Drian , the Minister of Defense is expected Tuesday by the naval industry concerned is not sacrificed in the new military programming law 2014-2018. That, while the sailors entered a period of renewal of their forces. The Royal must take delivery of multimission stealth frigates 11 (FREMM), a shared program between France and Italy, 2022. Lorient, Jean-Yves Le Drian reassured by saying "the continuity of the FREMM program in its time."

Satellites to watch over ships

Navy shall, unless shift schedule, take delivery of the first of six new submarines Barracuda nuclear attack in 2017. Modernization of surveillance aircraft and Atlantique 2 mine warfare program must also be confirmed.

In this context of national power budget, industrialists fighting abroad where they face new competitors. They also position the new markets of the maritime economy. "France takes more into account the importance of the maritime space in the economy, often called maritimisation" abounds Planchais Bernard, Deputy CEO of DCNS , European leader in naval defense. "The sea and what happens there is a structural element of globalization," says Pierre-Éric Pommelet, vice-president of the Mission Systems division of defense Thales . "The economy of the sea weighs 1.5 trillion euros of which 160 billion in new activities such as renewable energy and biotechnology. They should represent 500 billion in ten years. France should have the ambition of doubling the maritime industry in capturing 50 billion business and create 300,000 jobs, "says Bernard Planchais.

This space is subject to increasing threats: terrorism, piracy, illicit trafficking ... It must be guarded and protected, sometimes from space using satellites. Surveillance, monitoring and identification of vessels, Astrium, EADS Space, emerges as leader with many maritime services such qu'OceanWay. Shipyards are expanding their range with smaller ships, less expensive and more responsive. For sending a heavily armed FREMM of 6000 tons to monitor a coastal area, it's a bit like using a bazooka to kill a mosquito. "For three years, DCNS has committed an extension of its range. We invested its own funds to develop Adroit, an offshore patrol vessel adapted to these missions, "says Bernard Planchais. Of drones and combat systems will be integrated. And "needs are growing in terms of radars, sensors, optoelectronic systems, listening and telecom accurate fire control ... d are areas where Thales solutions," says Pierre-Éric Pommelet.

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