Sunday, 14 October 2012

AHRLAC plane (Paramount Group, South Africa)

The plane AHRLAC girder is a compact, single-engine, tandem with crew. This unit dedicated to monitoring is also a Light Combat Aircraft. Fast and light, it is designed to perform a wide range of tasks such as:
- Reconnaissance patrol,
- Electronic intelligence,
- Anti-terrorist operations,
- Humanitarian assistance,
- Emergency supplies,
- Border control,
- Monitoring of resources,
- Anti-poaching capacity with ground attack.
The main features of the AHRLAC  are:
- Compact size,
- A high wing with excellent visibility to the crew,
- Low cost of purchase and operation,
- Logistical support simplified
- A maximum cruise speed of 300 knots,
- A payload payload of 800 kg with full fuel and two crew members,
- A range of 1150 nautical miles or 7:30 flight without auxiliary tanks

- Cons-measures of self-protection,
- Ejection seats optional
- A variety of weapons depending on the type of mission: 20 mm cannon, "  pods  "for rockets, gravity bombs and guided munitions terminal.
Takeoff and landing are on a track 550 m long at full load.
The AHRLAC engine is equipped with a  6-PT 66B of 950 horsepower.

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